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ICU Consulting

ICU Consulting is an innovation building facility fostering academic coaching, career development, workforce evolution, and mindset conception.

Our mission is to revolutionize the knowledge development sector; create mindset enrichment possibilities; and generate constructive avenues to workforce strategic management. 

ICU Consulting strives to modernize knowledge conception management to supplement workforce prospects and opportunities.

Our team players come from all works of academic disciplines to provide clients with services relevant to building business, academic institutions, governments, and organizations.

Entrepreneurial Mindset Certification Training

Join a distinguished group of educators and thought leaders from across the U.S. and around the world to learn how to implement the Ice House Entrepreneurship Programs in your classroom, organization, and community. Our three day Entrepreneurial Mindset Facilitator Certification Training enables participants to become certified to facilitate the Ice House Entrepreneurship Programs. ICU master facilitators conduct the training using an engaging mix of presentations, open discussions, video case studies, small group activities, coaching exercises, and experiential, problem-based learning.




Building success in academic institutions might require an effective management of   students,  their short-term objectives relative to their long-term goals; providing them  with the right curricula, academic supports, and services to help them achieve these goals. ICU creates relevant strategy to prepare the faculty to competently assume their role in academic management.

ICU undertakes systematic interventions to institutional development and reform. Institutional strengthening and capacity building are a necessity in transformation process. It could entail a comprehensive tactic to create, manage, and evaluate organizations, enhance their formal structures, and improve their operational processes and procedures. 

Academic ventures without workforce opportunities often leaves a major challenge in managing individual success. Assisting individuals or families to become economically stable, entails creating techniques for job search, application, interview, and employment retention to boost economic stability and self-sufficiency.